All about Development

All about Development

The developer and the Information Architecture

The digital environment calls for more of a developer: it demands knowledge of many access and navigation that are applied to sites, portals and apps.

Iot – Device API Integration with Rest Slack, Intel Edison and Node.js

In this article we will work on a Stack to troubleshoot devices integrations with high level systems in a simple, effective and productive way.

The end of the full stack frameworks age

It’s time to think our projects in a different way and enjoy all the technology that is emerging around us.

Increase resilience in your Ruby applications with Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Pattern helps to increase the resilience of the application in order to defend against possible failures that can occur in external systems.

15 facts about programming you probably did not know

The task of programming is becoming increasingly common, but there are still many facts that people do not know about programmers and programming itself.

Web semantics: the Web of meanings and relationships

Web Semantics is also called Web of Connected Data because it rests on a myriad of resources and developing technologies to extract value of such data.

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