Where to study Design Patterns for PHP?

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Design Patterns

Every time when we’re going to study systems architecture deeply, specially to object oriented development, in many literatures it’s stated the importance of using Design Patterns, commonly known as Project Patterns.

A big hindrance when we’re studying, is to remember all of the patterns – specially because we study patterns in books, articles and videos very often.


To begin your design patterns studies, a lot of people indicate the book “Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. This book is basically a bible to those who want to dig deeper into the subject.

However, a lot of people miss having something more organized, with a guide of patterns and usabilitties with easy access and easier to use. So, where do we study Design Patterns if not through books or videos? On Github.

What happens is that the fourth PHP project in number of stars on Github, is the project domnikl/DesignPatternsPHP, which is nothing more than a compiled with most of the known design patterns with examples of implementation in PHP and a complementary read, containing what each design pattern is, and introducing diagrams along with the examples.

On the project’s readme there’s the documentation of every design pattern present on the project with the respective UML’s and codes used on the Read The Docs pattern. Extremely organized, with a direct explanation of what each pattern represents and an implementation example of the pattern in PHP.

In case you want to know a little about the “Factory Method” pattern, for example:

The same goes to a lot of the design patterns that can be implemented in PHP. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tips and that, along with this project, you can learn even more about OOD.

Best regards, see you soon!

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