About iMasters

Since 2001, iMasters has a segmented and faithful community of web developers, digital creators and other IT professionals in Brazil – nowadays we are a network of over 300,000 professionals. Daily, we publish articles and news about this world on iMasters Brazil and now on iMaster Global.

During the year we organize hundreds of activities focused on web. Besides the portal (2 million unique visitors/month), iMasters Forum has 2 million posts and we manage some dev communities in Brazil for companies like IBM, PayPal and Amazon Web Services.

In Brazil, iMasters also works outside the web – we organize the most importante technical conferences in Latin America:

iMasters InterCon https://intercon2016.imasters.com.br/

For over 14 years, this has been the most important conference for high level developers and web professionals. Mixing code and innovation, it brings some of the most prominent speakers from Brazil and other countries, offering hours of exceptional content to the audience.

PHP Experience http://phpexperience.imasters.com.br/

One of the largest PHP conferences in LatAm. In 2016 more than 1,000 programmers were in Sao Paulo to see the international an local keynote speakers, the community area and other network spaces. Co-organized by PHP-SP

Android Conferencehttp://androidconference.imasters.com.br

800 developers from Brazil got together to discuss and colaborate during this event, that left a great legacy to the Android community in Brazil. 

DevCommerce Conferencehttps://devcommerce.imasters.com.br/

High level development for e-commerce is discussed during this conference. Lead developers of this area and over 800 attendees were presented with a very dynamic format and advanced content.

iMasters also organizes 7Masters, a classroom like experience where attendees are selected by the team to be part of a very deep level of discussion. Each month, 7 masters are our guests to present lightining talks about a specific subject, bringing innovative and deep talks.

The company published iMasters Magazine, issued every 3 months with exclusive content

The concern with professional qualification is shown at iMasters Courses, online and with a variety of content and level.

iMasters Global and iMasters Brazil are part of the iMasters Group, that has the companies E-Commerce Brasil, Digitalks, Apiki and MX Cursos.

You can reach us at contact@imasters.com.