Privacy Policy

iMasters is commited to keep the privacy of each reader and user of the site, and the highest level of editorial quality. See here some information about copyright.

What is our commitment to keep the privacy of our users?

  • Don’t give the user’s e-mail to any company or person without express authorization. Dont’s send any mail without authorization
  • Enable ways to cancel, at any time, the newsletters previous authorized; preserve the reader’s confidentiality while he/she navigates on the site.
  • iMasters is not responsible for any damage, direct or secondary, due to the poor usage of its services as open foruns, CV database, codes, tips and others.


Reproducing any part of iMasters contents is only permited after express authorization, writen, and always to transmit knowledge. The content, opinions and informations shown in the articles are entirely the responsibility of the author.

It’s permited to creat links to the articles, feed and chanels of the site.

Links to other sites

iMasters contains reference links to a variety of site, from Brazil and abroad, and can’t be taken in account for each site privacy policy.


We use an own internal system to publish ads on iMasters. We are not responsible for the content, the products and services offered by the advertisers.