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Data & AI

How Data Centers Software Will Handle the Future Data Explosion

Moore’s Law has been an essential principle in the evolution of IT over the decades. In simple terms, it predicts that the data...


Three ways to help your DevOps team with CI CD

In the last decade, several organizations have struggled to adopt DevOps practices to deliver software faster and more efficiently. Automation is key to...

Cloud & Infra

The DevOps Path

Some time ago, I am about to complete 20 years of career, and at 40 years old, I stopped to rethink my life...

BackendCloud & Infra

FinOps: how to do more with less and optimize costs using the cloud

With the use of the cloud increasingly common in companies, which also need to optimize costs in a challenging economic scenario, a question...

Cloud & Infra

The transformative edge of using DevOps in Retail

The popularly quoted by Marc Andreessen “Software is eating the world” is more relevant now than ever. The modern-day adaptation would be “Software ate the...