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Graduated in computing, he has been working with software since 2006 in the most varied technologies. Entrepreneur, author and teacher, when he's not busy programming, he's writing or recording about programming for his channel and blog LuizTools.

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How to Create a Skill for Amazon’s Virtual Assistant Alexa

If you didn’t know, it is not necessary for an Amazon Echo device to develop skills for your platform, but if you are...


Common mistakes with Binance APIs

During the development and teaching of bot programming for Binance, I had and helped to solve several different errors related to the APIs....


Axios Interceptors Tutorial

Axios is, without a doubt, the most popular HTTP client in the JavaScript world, and I dare say it is more popular even...


ERC-721 Smart Contract Tutorial (NFT) with Solidity (part 3)

This tutorial is part 3 of a series where I am teaching how to build smart contracts for NFT collections using the ERC-721...


ERC-721 Smart Contract Tutorial (NFT) with Solidity (part 2)

I recently started an NFT smart contract programming tutorial in Solidity, using the ERC-721 standard here on the blog, and this is the...


ERC-721 Smart Contract (NFT) Tutorial with Solidity

I recently wrote a tutorial here teaching the fundamentals of NFTs and explaining the ERC-721 standard, the first and most important standard when...