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Cloud & Infra

Clouded Crystal Ball: Looking Beyond Cloud TCO Calculators

Each major cloud provider (AWS, Azure, and GCP) has an online calculator designed to help organizations estimate the total cost of ownership...


What are the best plugins for Bubble in 2023? is a low-code web development platform that allows anyone to build web apps with no programming knowledge required. One of the...

Cloud & Infra

Developer Team – Experiments Culture

How to reduce waste, save time (and money), using experiments as a basis of the work between teams and people Many times...

Cloud & Infra

What is the potential of Software Delivery for companies

Companies that invest in software to improve operations enjoy a significant competitive advantage in the market. This technological maturity is becoming essential,...


Three ways to help your DevOps team with CI CD

In the last decade, several organizations have struggled to adopt DevOps practices to deliver software faster and more efficiently. Automation is key...