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cURL with PHP for RESTful APIs

The cURL library is ideal and complete for anyone who wants to make requests or transfer data through the backend of their...

Data & AI

How Data Centers Software Will Handle the Future Data Explosion

Moore’s Law has been an essential principle in the evolution of IT over the decades. In simple terms, it predicts that the data...


Cybersecurity: Building a human firewall

We recently started a journey of awareness and training related to information security and GDPL with all our employees. The platform chosen to...


Cybersecurity: Why Beware of Ransomware, the Cloud, and Hacktivism in 2023

Cybersecurity in organizations is a constant concern for managers in any market area. After all, with the growth of data generation, as an...


The APIs role in a 5G world

5G is about to revolutionize how we connect and use technology daily. With its unprecedented data traffic speed, ultra-low latency, reliability, and greater...


Why CISOs are making API security a top priority

A CISO’s mission is to enable the company to advance key growth initiatives while reducing risk. To do this, they must continually assess...


EF Core using AsNoTracking with Identity Resolution

Today we will see the consequences of using AsNoTracking with the Identity Resolution feature available from EF Core 5.0 onwards. I’ve already introduced...