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Musician, programmer, interested in evolutionary organizations, addicted to comics, tennis and lego. In recent years I have focused my career on people leadership, and I have deepened myself in organizational design and software architecture - sociotechnical systems ;)

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Cloud & Infra

Developer Team – Experiments Culture

How to reduce waste, save time (and money), using experiments as a basis of the work between teams and people Many times in...

Cloud & Infra

Self-selection: let the people choose their teams

Self-selection is a technique that permits people to choose what team they can work in. There is fantastic material in this Agile Alliance blog...

Cloud & Infra

Transitioning from a ticket-oriented to a product-led mindset on an infrastructure team

When I joined an infrastructure team as a manager at will bank I saw a bunch of improvement opportunities. A specific one was...

Cloud & Infra

Mob Programming Immersion. Experiment it your team!

A full week of mob programming with 8 teams fully immersed I have been advocating for mob programming for a long time ago....