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Michael Bathon serves as the Vice President, Cloud Services of Rimini Street. Bathon is responsible for the growth of Rimini’s Street’s Cloud Services practice and has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications, managed services and cloud technologies industries. Prior to joining Rimini Street, Mr. Bathon led the IT organizations at Goodman Networks. He has also worked at Nextel, Sprint and Convergys where he led the development, production and customer-facing organizations for these companies.

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Cloud & Infra

Three Drawbacks of a Long-term Hybrid IT Model

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Cloud & Infra

Clouded Crystal Ball: Looking Beyond Cloud TCO Calculators

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How to Overcome the 7 Toughest Multi-Cloud Challenges

Transitioning from locally hosted data centers to the Big 3 cloud providers is not a hypothetical “if” for most enterprises but a reality...

Cloud & Infra

Highway to Heaven: Building a Strong Cloud-Based Business Roadmap

“Everybody else is doing it” isn’t a sufficient reason for your business to make the jump entirely to the public cloud. At the...