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What’s New in C# 12 – Using Primary Constructors in Classes and Structs

Capacity was previously restricted to the use of Records with C# 12. We can now also use Primary Constructors in the class implementation...


What’s New in C# 11 lowercase class name warnings

C# keywords are special identifiers from the point of view of the C# compiler and are normally associated with basic implementations such as...


The X of Xamarin Forms — Fluent Validation

Hey guys, How are you? Form validation, if the e-mail is filled, if the field is correct… These are parts used in registration...


What’s New in C# 12 Using an Alias ​​to Reference a Type

Microsoft announced last Tuesday (11/04) some features planned for C# 12, the new version of the language scheduled to be released together with...


What’s New in C# 8.0 Default Interface Members

This past month of May/2019 was quite hectic within the .NET community, with the announcement of new updates for Visual Studio 2019 and...