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.Net developer for 12 years and participating in Desktop, Services, Web, and Mobile projects using Xamarin. Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and Technical Lead at NESS. Contributes to the Xamarin community by writing articles, sharing code, and creating Nuget packages.

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The X of Xamarin Forms – Charts

Hey guys! Some applications, mainly those that work with financial data, sales, etc., often need to display graphs. There is a simple way...


The X of Xamarin Forms — Splash Screen

Hey guys, The first impression is the one that lasts: the creator of this phrase at the time didn’t have a printer. ba...


The X of Xamarin Forms — Fluent Validation

Hey guys, How are you? Form validation, if the e-mail is filled, if the field is correct… These are parts used in registration...


The X of Xamarin.Forms—Overflow, OverFlower

Hey guys, what’s shaking? As you know, I like plugins and controls for Xamarin.Forms. Besides solving difficulties in some implementations, we always teach...


The X of Xamarin Forms — My App Is Secure — Part 1

Security is a very important point and little discussed when we talk about software development. As much as it is a topic that...