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The APIs role in a 5G world

5G is about to revolutionize how we connect and use technology daily. With its unprecedented data traffic speed, ultra-low latency, reliability, and greater...

Teams & Career

Are the businesses mature enough for Web3?

Several companies have flirted with new technologies as a way of positioning themselves within Web3. Whether through the metaverse, NFTs, that is, non-fungible...


The X of Xamarin.Forms—Overflow, OverFlower

Hey guys, what’s shaking? As you know, I like plugins and controls for Xamarin.Forms. Besides solving difficulties in some implementations, we always teach...

Teams & Career

Programming a path to social mobility and how to survive layoffs

The software development market has proven to be an important tool for social mobility, with good wages and the possibility of working remotely...


How Uber Optimizes the Timing of Push Notifications using ML and Linear Programming

*Authored by Uber Engineering. Vinay Sharma, Rémi Torracinta, Giacomo Lamberti and Britton Overall. Introduction Push notifications are an integral channel for Uber Eats...


Event Driven with Laravel Pigeon

Hey guys. Event-driven is a very widespread architecture in microservices because it promotes decoupling between different services. At Convenia, we opted for this...