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Programming a path to social mobility and how to survive layoffs

The software development market has proven to be an important tool for social mobility, with good wages and the possibility of working remotely from anywhere in the world. Also, access to online courses makes it easier for people to join the profession.

However, the fluid nature of the software development job market can make it both safe and stressful. The possibility of quickly changing jobs can be an advantage, but large layoffs can be a risk to the stability of professionals. Plus, the pressure of tight deadlines and the mental intensity of the job can be very stressful.

While big national startups have historically been diverse and inclusive, the current funding shortage may cause companies not to prioritize diversity in hiring. This is troubling, considering the market is still predominantly male and white.

However, the software development profession remains very attractive, especially with the opening of the international market during the pandemic. Salaries in dollars can be very attractive for those with fluent English, and there are a variety of interesting domains available in the international market, such as management systems, B2C platforms, programming language compilers, database systems, games, hardware, robotics, virtual reality, and other areas.

Although the job market is changing, some tips can help software development professionals stay employed and current. Maintaining a good network, researching desirable companies, updating skills, and keeping an up-to-date portfolio are some of the suggestions that can help you get a job faster. Even more so with the growing importance of natural language models, the ability to specify and review code can be as valuable as the ability to code.

In short, the software development market is an important and attractive profession, but professionals must be prepared to face the dynamics of the job market and keep up to date with the trends and skills demanded. Diversity and inclusion must continue to be priorities to ensure that the market reflects society as a whole, and the theme should accelerate again as funding returns to the market.

*The content of this article is the author’s responsibility and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of iMasters.

Written by
Rodrigo Stevaux

Founder and director of technology at Distu, a company specialized in technology for corporate management and with more than ten years of experience in the technology and business segments. In the venture capital market, he was at the forefront of development of management and equity system of the Monashees manager, considered by the market to be one of the main venture capital investment funds in the country.

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