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SRE at Único, creator of Material Community Components & GoSOAP, maintainer of NGX-Translates, and contributor to prEST.

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How to implement a function using context

In this post, we will implement a function that uses context. In the calling example, I will use the WithTimeout context. In this...


How to fuzz test for HTTP requests (part 1)

At the 2022 edition of GopherCon Brasil, I had the pleasure of speaking about the Fuzz Test. It was cool because during the...


What is SOLID?

SOLID is an acronym that stands for five principles in object-oriented software design: Single ResponsabilityOpen-ClosedLiskov SubstitutionInterface SegregationDependency Inversion Principle Although Go is not...


How to solve memory leaks in maps

One of the most common ways to cache Go applications is by using a map. If you already did this, you may have...