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Data & AI

How Data Centers Software Will Handle the Future Data Explosion

Moore’s Law has been an essential principle in the evolution of IT over the decades. In simple terms, it predicts that the data...

Teams & Career

Artificial Intelligence and the Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Staffing and Hunting

With the growing demand for technology, it has become common to find human processes being simulated and executed by machines. This happens with...

Teams & Career

Courses and learning paths help tech developers and students to stay in sharp

The technology area presents innovations at great speed, with updates and new features being released all the time, especially in the development of...

Data & AI

What is the real impact of the new generation of Artificial Intelligence in the corporate world

In recent months, a subject that has taken over everyone’s everyday conversations and, in particular, the world of technology, has been the boom...


How Microsoft Cloud is Accelerating AI Transformation in Every Industry

The last quarter put a spotlight on advances in generative AI and the possibilities for its application to deliver more assertive business outcomes....


How can the developer benefit from low code technologies?

One of the biggest myths in the area of ​​application development is that tools like low-code and no-code add little to the work...

Data & AI

Capacity Recommendation Engine: Throughput and Utilization Based Predictive Scaling

*Authored by Uber Engineering. Shu-Ming Peng, Jianing He and Ranjib Dey Introduction Capacity is a key component of reliability. Uber’s services require enough...