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How to Create a Skill for Amazon’s Virtual Assistant Alexa

If you didn’t know, it is not necessary for an Amazon Echo device to develop skills for your platform, but if you are...


The APIs role in a 5G world

5G is about to revolutionize how we connect and use technology daily. With its unprecedented data traffic speed, ultra-low latency, reliability, and greater...


Why CISOs are making API security a top priority

A CISO’s mission is to enable the company to advance key growth initiatives while reducing risk. To do this, they must continually assess...


Common mistakes with Binance APIs

During the development and teaching of bot programming for Binance, I had and helped to solve several different errors related to the APIs....


Axios Interceptors Tutorial

Axios is, without a doubt, the most popular HTTP client in the JavaScript world, and I dare say it is more popular even...


Competitive market and the next generation of API managers, how to stay relevant in this scenario

Born in the 1960s to enable communication between large mainframe computers, the APIs, an acronym for “Application Programming Interface” or “Interface for Application...


Swagger – Improving documentation with annotations – II

Today we’ll look at how to spice up Swagger’s documentation using annotations in ASP .NET Core. Continuing the first part of the article,...


Practical and basic recommendations for building web APIs with ASP.NET Core

REST APIs allow various clients, including browsers, desktop apps, mobile apps, and any device with an internet connection, to communicate with a server....


cURL with PHP for RESTful APIs

The cURL library is ideal and complete for anyone who wants to make requests or transfer data through the backend of their applications....