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Practical and basic recommendations for building web APIs with ASP.NET Core

REST APIs allow various clients, including browsers, desktop apps, mobile apps, and any device with an internet connection, to communicate with a server....


The X of Xamarin Forms — Fluent Validation

Hey guys, How are you? Form validation, if the e-mail is filled, if the field is correct… These are parts used in registration...


Quick tip: Test result with K6

Hey guys, what’s shaking? Here’s a quick post about the results of a test with the K6. I’ve already seen some materials talking...

Cloud & Infra

Developer Team – Experiments Culture

How to reduce waste, save time (and money), using experiments as a basis of the work between teams and people Many times in...


Cybersecurity: Building a human firewall

We recently started a journey of awareness and training related to information security and GDPL with all our employees. The platform chosen to...


Understand key features added in ASP.NET Core 7.0

Version 7.0 of the .NET platform brought many new features in this article I will focus on the main resources that were added...

Sem categoria

How to Overcome the 7 Toughest Multi-Cloud Challenges

Transitioning from locally hosted data centers to the Big 3 cloud providers is not a hypothetical “if” for most enterprises but a reality...

Data & AI

Why is it so difficult to implement a Machine Learning solution

Like any new technology, Machine Learning (ML) solutions will have some challenges to implement, what we are seeing is an increasing number of...


How Microsoft Cloud is Accelerating AI Transformation in Every Industry

The last quarter put a spotlight on advances in generative AI and the possibilities for its application to deliver more assertive business outcomes....


What is SOLID?

SOLID is an acronym that stands for five principles in object-oriented software design: Single ResponsabilityOpen-ClosedLiskov SubstitutionInterface SegregationDependency Inversion Principle Although Go is not...