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Data & AI

OpenTelemetry is essential for managing modern applications, but it’s not a silver bullet for IT teams managing hybrid environments

Across industries, IT teams are recognizing the benefits of OpenTelemetry – the observability platform for collecting, processing, and exporting large-scale software telemetry,...


What’s New in .NET 8: Setting Possible Values ​​with AllowedValuesAttribute

During March/2023, Microsoft made Preview 2 of .NET 8 available, with several improvements involving using Data Annotations. More information can be found in...


How to spice up Swagger documentation using annotations in ASP .NET Core (part 2)

Continuing the first part of the article, we will now see how to generate the documentation without having to generate the XML file....


Improving the terminal

The terminal is probably the tool I use the most in my day-to-day life. Over the years, I’ve created a series of shortcuts,...


Swagger – Improving documentation with annotations – II

Today we’ll look at how to spice up Swagger’s documentation using annotations in ASP .NET Core. Continuing the first part of the article,...


Nearest Neighbor Artificial Intelligence with PHP

Have you ever heard of the nearest neighbor? In my studies of Artificial Intelligence, this was the first thing (I don’t remember the...


Axios Interceptors Tutorial

Axios is, without a doubt, the most popular HTTP client in the JavaScript world, and I dare say it is more popular even...


cURL with PHP for RESTful APIs

The cURL library is ideal and complete for anyone who wants to make requests or transfer data through the backend of their applications....


What’s New in C# 11 lowercase class name warnings

C# keywords are special identifiers from the point of view of the C# compiler and are normally associated with basic implementations such as...