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Swagger – Improving documentation with annotations – II

Today we’ll look at how to spice up Swagger’s documentation using annotations in ASP .NET Core. Continuing the first part of the...


What’s New in C# 12 Using an Alias ​​to Reference a Type

Microsoft announced last Tuesday (11/04) some features planned for C# 12, the new version of the language scheduled to be released together with...


How Uber Optimizes the Timing of Push Notifications using ML and Linear Programming

*Authored by Uber Engineering. Vinay Sharma, Rémi Torracinta, Giacomo Lamberti and Britton Overall. Introduction Push notifications are an integral channel for Uber Eats...


[Databricks API as an internal service] dbutils —, widgets.getArgument, widgets.text and notebook_params

With an increasing demand for greater autonomy in data pipelines, the Databricks data analytics platform has become a popular solution for companies looking...


Best practices you can use when making your commits

See in this article some of the good practices that you can use when giving your commits The idea of ​​this post is...


ERC-721 Smart Contract Tutorial (NFT) with Solidity (part 2)

I recently started an NFT smart contract programming tutorial in Solidity, using the ERC-721 standard here on the blog, and this is the...

Data & AI

DeepETA: How Uber Predicts Arrival Times Using Deep Learning

*Authored by Uber Engineering, with Xinyu Hu, Olcay Cirit, Tanmay Binaykiya and Ramit Hora. At Uber, magical customer experiences depend on accurate arrival...

Teams & Career

Courses and learning paths help tech developers and students to stay in sharp

The technology area presents innovations at great speed, with updates and new features being released all the time, especially in the development of...


Cybersecurity: Building a human firewall

We recently started a journey of awareness and training related to information security and GDPL with all our employees. The platform chosen to...