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Cloud & Infra

Developer Team – Experiments Culture

How to reduce waste, save time (and money), using experiments as a basis of the work between teams and people Many times in...


What’s New in .NET 8 Setting Disallowed Values ​​with DeniedValuesAttribute

In a previous article about .NET 8 news, I covered the AllowedValuesAttribute type use, a Data Annotation that integrates the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace that...

Teams & Career

Building a product engineering culture

Before talking about how to create a product engineering culture, we need to align what Product Engineering is (for a software engineer) and...


What is SOLID?

SOLID is an acronym that stands for five principles in object-oriented software design: Single ResponsabilityOpen-ClosedLiskov SubstitutionInterface SegregationDependency Inversion Principle Although Go is not...


How to solve memory leaks in maps

One of the most common ways to cache Go applications is by using a map. If you already did this, you may have...


What are the best plugins for Bubble in 2023? is a low-code web development platform that allows anyone to build web apps with no programming knowledge required. One of the platform’s...


.NET 8 first tests with Preview 1 + JSON deserialization improvements

At the end of February/2023 – Tuesday, 02/21 – Microsoft made available .NET 8 Preview 1, the first release of this new version...

Cloud & Infra

The near future of cloud computing

Cloud computing is the inevitable future and has been a hot topic of technology discussion for years now. The tool has evolved from...


The X of Xamarin Forms — Fluent Validation

Hey guys, How are you? Form validation, if the e-mail is filled, if the field is correct… These are parts used in registration...

Cloud & Infra

Dynamic LCP Priority: Learning from Past Visits

Earlier this year, Chrome shipped the new Priority Hints API, which lets developers set fetchpriority="high" on <img>, <script>, <link> or other elements that you want to ensure are loaded with...


ERC-721 Smart Contract Tutorial (NFT) with Solidity (part 3)

This tutorial is part 3 of a series where I am teaching how to build smart contracts for NFT collections using the ERC-721...


How to spice up Swagger documentation using annotations in ASP .NET Core.

In .NET 6, when we create an ASP.NET Core Web API project by default, we can use or not controllers. We can also...