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Cloud & Infra

What is the potential of Software Delivery for companies

Companies that invest in software to improve operations enjoy a significant competitive advantage in the market. This technological maturity is becoming essential, but...


Improving the terminal

The terminal is probably the tool I use the most in my...


Turning failures into opportunities: the importance of the post-mortem meeting

I’m going to talk a little more about post-mortem and how it...

Data & AI

Where to start the data democratization journey?

Which company does not seek to work with data to obtain insights...

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Cloud & Infra

Cloud solutions allied with companies, but also with developers

In a global scenario, where technological innovation is constant, standing out from the competition by meeting customer needs is a differential. In this...


Best practices you can use when pushing your commits

See in this article some good practices that you can use when pushing your commits. This post idea is to be something quick...


Best cybersecurity practices should integrate the entire code and application development cycle.

Internet security has been hotly debated in recent years. Users began to give more importance to the topic as they began to understand...

Cloud & Infra

The DevOps Path

Some time ago, I am about to complete 20 years of career, and at 40 years old, I stopped to rethink my life...


The X of Xamarin Forms – Charts

Hey guys! Some applications, mainly those that work with financial data, sales, etc., often need to display graphs. There is a simple way...


The X of Xamarin Forms — Splash Screen

Hey guys, The first impression is the one that lasts: the creator of this phrase at the time didn’t have a printer. ba...

Teams & Career

Courses and learning paths help tech developers and students to stay in sharp

The technology area presents innovations at great speed, with updates and new features being released all the time, especially in the development of...

Teams & Career

Talent crisis: the importance of training a tech workforce in Brazil

Talent crisis and the importance of workforce trainingEven with countless layoffs happening, the IT sector continues to deal with the lack of qualified...